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Craig Ruhland Project: Manage

Project: Manage is a common-sense framework that works with any project methodology. It’s simply a filter that can be used to ensure the right tasks are being done at the right time to deliver the right outcomes. No new certifications, no new tools, no extensive learning curve.

Craig Ruhland Project: Coach

Project: Coach is built to give entrepreneurs the support they need to be successful. It uses our simple Project: Manage™ framework to quickly identify gaps and problems, and then begin fixing them. Participants will make meaningful improvements after the first one-hour session.

Craig Ruhland Project: Recovery

Project: Recovery ™ is based on our self-service analytical tool. It’s a series of 20-30 questions that will help teams uncover the root cause of project problems. The analysis also includes detailed guidance on addressing the problems. Teams can take immediate action.

Craig Ruhland Project: Product

Project: Product™ is a service that’s designed for very specific product work. Products that are in the early stages of development, in some cases simply a vision for the future. It uses the foundation of Project: Manage™ and adds our experience building and delivering new products.



Pharmacy benefit management, healthcare, insurance, and business consulting

Project Types

Software and service product development, environment modernization, project process building and improvement


REST APIs, cloud-based microservices, mainframe services, CMS, payment processing


Agile (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Lean), waterfall, and hybrid.

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Struggling projects recovered. Startups started. New products launched. Broken processes fixed. People coached. Visions realized. Over 10 years of delivering highly complex technology, business, and operations projects. Healthcare, software development, and insurance. Multi-year and multimillion dollar.

Proudly based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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